Links We Love!

Health  -Pain management  -Veterinary Dental Encyclopedia   -Great site of articles on many topics  -Checking the heart rate of cats and dogs  -Jean Dodds DVM lab site and forms for testing  -Canine histiocytic disease   -Compendium of professional veterinary information  -University library site  -Mar Vista Animal Medical Center  -The Merck Veterinary Manual  -Rabies vaccination info  -Cancer support  -Rehab resources  -Consumer veterinary information  -Orthopedic conditions  -Rehab and fitness info  -Veterinary medicine  -Dental anatomy  -Pet insurance Reviews

Holistic Health Information  -Natural health info  -Articles from Karen Becker, DVM  -Renowned holistic vet  -Homeopathic vet and resources  -Holistic links  -Veterinarian's Desk Reference of Natural Medicines

Nutrition  -Primer on raw feeding  -The doggie dietician  -Food sensitivity and allergy testing by Jean Dodds, DVM

Better Breeding  -The Berner-Garde Foundation, improving the health of Bernese Mountain Dogs  -Ron Smith's BMD Pedigree Program  -Whelping instructions handout  -Inherited disorders

General Information  -Great newsletter and e book resource  -Great newsletter and e book resource

Training and Relationships  -Calming signals web site  -Clicker training philosophy  -Training insights  -Reactive dog info  -The science and soul of dog training  -Good articles and etraining book  -Excellent videos and training tips

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