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BERNER UNIVERSITY, a two-day educational conference, convenes once each year at the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America National Specialty. Seminars and workshops are taught by leading veterinary researchers, animal behaviorists and BMDCA members with specific expertise. Well-behaved dogs are welcome in most classes. 

Requirements for admission and matriculation include a keen desire to learn more about many aspects of our wonderful breed. We publish lecture notes and articles suggested by the faculty and a Health Information Card on a timely topic. 

Through this site you can enjoy some of the resources that continue to make Berner University essential education or all friends of Bernese Mountain Dogs. 

CLICK HERE for 2022 Berner U Classes, Schedules and Course Information

Registration is accessible through the link to the BMDCA Specialty site:

BMDCA 2022 Specialty Home

Berner U gives owners the chance to go back to school and major in Berners.

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