Berner University 2021 BASICS

The BernerU registration fee is $50 per person: This permits you to attend two days of seminars and workshops, as well as to receive access to the 2021 Dropbox full of educational materials suggested by our faculty.
Juniors, ages 9-18 years old, receive FREE REGISTRATION for all classes and FREE DROPBOX access.
Classes OPEN TO ALL, without charge, will include the Breeder Symposium and Rescue Roundtable.
If you plan to attend the Breeder Symposium, please indicate on your Master Registration so that we can provide sufficient seating.
Register via Master Registration
Instructions are on the Master Registration.
Register early, as space is limited for some workshops.

Bonus Benefit for BMDCA members: If you can not attend, you will still receive access to the 2021 Dropbox of resources at no charge in the weeks following the specialty.
Well behaved dogs are welcome in ALL classes!!!
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